Month: July 2009

Multi-threading in C Sharp (C#)

Threading is fun, because with it you can do a lot more stuff at the same time. For example, keeping your UI updated while your background tasks are running. C# supports parallel execution of code through multi-threading. A thread is an independent execution path, able to run simultaneously with other threads. Here, we examine three simple C# approaches to help… Read more →

Disappearing Nested User Controls in VS2005

When trying to nest usercontrols, the child usercontrol sometimes disappears off the parent usercontrol. This is a commonly reported bug on the internet, and there’s a hotfix FIX:#842706 for vs2003 but not for vs2005, and its extremely annoying. What happens is that after placing the MyControl on your MyForm.designer.cs, it just disappears when you save MyParentControl in wysiwyg mode.

For me, the problem occurs because the Component Designer auto-validates & re-generates your MyParentControl.designer.cs code again. And, if your MyControl constructor requires initializing parameters, vs2005 will just delete that instantiation in MyParentControl.designer.cs. Read more →

Machine intelligence is real intelligence

AI or artificial human intelligence (AHI) is was originally conceived to develop methods to help machines exhibit human-like thinking processes. However, we have far from achieved this objective. Instead a discipline of real machine intelligence (RMI) matured from these researches. Why deal with something that is artificial when machines have some form of real smarts to make some form of… Read more →