Month: July 2015

SWIFT: Human Readable Object Ids (oMg-fu-aPL)

The XCODE interface builder is pretty good. But one thing really bugs me. The object ids are not human readable! Small projects are fine, but once you have to start merging, perform diffs and so on, it really becomes an eye sore. Here’s small tool I made today to get rid of the oMg-fu-aPL Download this jar: readoi.jar Copy the… Read more →

SWIFT: Implicitly Wrapped Optionals

Just a quick explanation of how an implicitly wrapped optional can be used. Logically, I would think optional variables are probably more computationally expensive than a normal variable (IMO because it is a fatter object, did not research). So, as far as it goes, it would be best to declare a normal variable in cases where it can not be… Read more →

Github Commands

Just keeping track of frequently used git commands:

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