SWIFT: Human Readable Object Ids (oMg-fu-aPL)

The XCODE interface builder is pretty good. But one thing really bugs me. The object ids are not human readable! Small projects are fine, but once you have to start merging, perform diffs and so on, it really becomes an eye sore.

Here’s small tool I made today to get rid of the oMg-fu-aPL

Download this jar: readoi.jar

Copy the jar file above into your project directory. And run it with the following java command.

The program performs a complete search, and makes backups of your files before they are modified. In any case, you should be using GIT or some form of VCS.


Here’s a screenshot of how XCODE object ids look by default (the horror).


And here is how they look like after.


Hope this helps some people.

  2 comments for “SWIFT: Human Readable Object Ids (oMg-fu-aPL)

  1. sukhmeet
    September 14, 2015 at 3:29 pm

    Please let know if the source for the jar is on github to view.

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